[sci] Anti-scientific actress Obokata performed miserably

Self-insisting STAP cell discoverer Obokata appeared in public for the first time since original news conference in Jan. in which she published her claims to have discovered it.

There, with tears, she only repeated her old, heavily doubted claims. STAP cell exists.

But that was just waste of time for anyone, because she showed no evidence. She said other person also successfully created STAP cells, but when asked who, refused to answer. She also said she created STAP cells more than 200 times, but when asked to show records, refused. She insisted that said-to-be fabricated elements (images etc) in her papers are all just mistakes, but showed no true ones.

How can you believe her sayings are true? Never. Nothing had changed between before and after of this conference. There's no reason to take any of them true. They're totally, and completely anti-scientific. Her tears shown then only deepened doubts. Such emotional behavior have no meaning related to scientific facts. I was sure she's not scientist, but an actress. Maybe even worse, malicious liar. So all efforts like today's conference must be useless. Don't put any her claims in. Just check scientific facts excluding her. That's all RIKEN and other society should do.

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