[pol] Russians are evils. So are our governments.

If Russia has relation,
If Russia's relation is proved,
If Russia doesn't take responsibility,
If Russia doesn't take actions to clear the way to investigation,
If Russia provided that weapons, 

If, if, if, if ---

Almost all the world 'leaders' say the same to Russian. Though it's clear, apparent, undoubtfully that Russians fired missile and shoot down MH17, killed innocent 298 people. As if they're searching for the way not to accuse Russia.

Reasons are same and clear. Say, that means, "I don't wanna believe it's true. If it's true, we must be hostile to, and maybe start the war with Russia. We don't wanna do it. So hide and clear the scene. Please let us believe it's not true. To tell the truth of my heart, we don't care who and how many dies. If it's or not our citizen. We're scared only think about a bit of idea of war with Russians. Whatever happened, we want guard our safe and properties. Please let us continue to make money from trades with Russia."

Go to hell.
No, there's no need to go. Because we're already in hell.

Surely, Russians are natural born evils. So as to Chinese and Jews.

But other nations, USA, EU, and other little ones have not so much difference. Though ususally saying 'justice' loudly, once their own safety is threatened, they easily throw it out. In the result, now, they're all supporting Russia - mass murderer. What a desperate friendship!

And, of course, Japan, my nation, is one of that axis. We know, our goverment desperately want to talk with Russia to make 'progress' in the problem of disputed northern islands. They trashed our justice in pursue of such their unrealistic political achievement.

They , and we, will have to pay the price of those idiotic unhelpful behaviors. No, we're already forced to pay. Those death tolls are one of those consequences of them. They're evils. And our goverments are already evils, from the time they demanded for shaking hands with Russians. What a hopeless world.


France the death merchant. In such extremel critical moment, they're willing to export mistral warship to Russia. Not only defying other countries' strong demand, but also even criticizing UK. Surely UK also had exported some weapons to Russia, but that fact doesn't justify your stupid behavior, never. You don't even have lowest ethics all humans must have. What a desperate money whorshiper. Hope you to go to hell at first with Russians.